The former school of Nanmen Elementary School was Taipei the third Primary School. It was established on October 10th of the year of Min-Chi 38(year 31 of Ching Dynasty Kwan Hseh , 1905 A.D.). Within the 29 Taipei public elementary schools, Nanmen had the most numerous students of 2329 totally.

 The youngest group of alumna of Japan occupied time are almost 80 years old now. Most of them live in Osaka, Japan. etc. They hold South City Organization. Some of them have NMPS alumnus in Taipei City.

 The documents have been kept nowadays only the School Song, Distinguished Children's Songs Collections, Works of alumna and the name list of graduated students.(They are contributed by a Japan alumnus named Teng-Ten).

 In the year 57 of Republic of China, Taiwan implemented nine-year compulsory education. Taipei City Government took back the school land from Police School and began Nanmen Junior High School and a predetermined land at the southern site for Nanmen Elementary School.(It is situated #6 Kwan-Chow Street). In the year of 58 Republic of China, Nanmen Elementary School recovered and received about 1000 students from Lou-Song Elementary School. It included thirty-eight teachers. Most of them were dispatched from Swang-Yeng Elementary School. Thereafter the principals of Junior High also hold the post of Elementary School principals. They were Yi Wei-Lu, Lai Wan-Chung, Chen Sing-Chieo and Chen Den-Zwei.

 In the term of Principal Chen Sing-Chieo(1981-1989) abolished the policy which said the Chairman of the Junior High Parents' Meeting was also been appointed as the Chairman of the Elementary Parents' Meeting. Therefore, Nanmen Elementary School was fortunate not been abandoned in 1987 by the decision of Chen Hen-Ching, Taipei Education Minister.

 In August 1989, Mr. Wang Wen-Hou was appointed to be the first principal of Elementary School. The managements of the Junior High and Elementary School were separated since then. Under Mr. Wang's leadership, the teachers team had ever won Dragon Boat Race and students also frequently won Swimming Race.

 In 1994, the second appointed principal Mrs. Chow Zwei-Yun was the first female principal. She remodeled all the Subjects Classrooms, Teaching Material Rooms, Library and Resource Classroom. She also added Computer Classrooms, reconditioned the offices and sinks.

 In 1997 the new Principal Chang Chin-Chu , also the present principal, worked hard to improve the excellent school circumstances and created a best school culture for the teachers and students. He struggled to recover the spirits of the past and to meet the requirements of humanitarian education ideals.