The Visions of the School 

1.  Health

    (1) We encourage students to join in school teams and clubs activities through physical education and hold multiple P.E. competitions to foster students’ body and mind.

    (2) We carry out the plan for reducing the weight of school children’s schoolbags. Offer students’ lunch and teach students at lunchtime to behave well such as brushing teeth after eating a meal.

    (3) We purchase sports equipment for physical training, thus cultivating good habits of proper leisure activities and enhancing teachers’ and students’ physical health.


2.  Happiness

    (1) We incorporate the spirit of the small-sized class into teaching, carry out the principles of multiple education and establish a new system of counseling, in addition to providing students with the safety environment for studying.

    (2) We carry out the missions that are presented by Department of Education of Taipei City Government and offer students the chances of happy learning.

    (3) We design proper curriculums according to children’s growth and provide children with pleasant and successful experiences to enjoy their school life.

    (4) We provide new knowledge of parental education to promote parents-children relationships and build a happy, harmonious educational environment in the family.


3. Fulfillment

    (1) We run workshop and do research on every subject to improve teachers’ skill and teaching effectiveness.

    (2) We implement computer facilities, set up a teleconference system to offer a quality information technology education in order to foster students’ skills in using a computer.

    (3) We enhance teachers’ capability in curriculum integration, multiple assessment and information technology to provide students an overall learning.

    (4) We make use of the community resources to broaden students’ learning experience.


4. Success

    (1) We hold life experience activities to have students enjoy success and pay respect to other lives.

    (2) We create a learning-type school and develop our own curriculum to carry out whole-person education and help students to achieve a successful life.

    (3) We encourage the community and the parents to participate the diverse activities we hold to attain the communal consciousness.